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About us


More than 26 years ago, Jose Lopez-Isa had a mission. He could see that Hispanics were becoming the fastest growing and youngest demographic in this country. He realized that they were destined to become a dominant part of the American workforce and the hottest labor commodity globally. There was only one thing that stood in the way of the world embracing these individuals to support an aging population: a quality education. This was the inspiration for Hispanic Outlook in High Education Magazine.

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education was then and remains today to be the only education publication solely devoted to informing and helping Hispanics successfully navigate higher education while students or as college and university professionals. Over the years, we’ve presented content that’s not only reliable, exclusive and impactful but also told in unique ways that relate to Hispanic professionals on a visceral level. This only can be accomplished through a vehicle that is deeply rooted in the rich Latino heritage from its founder to its consistent and careful outreach to the Hispanic community.

A lot has changed since Jose Lopez-Isa first conceived of his flagship print magazine. And now, still under Jose’s direction, Hispanic Outlook Publishing has undergone exciting state of the art technological changes and has revamped itself to meet the challenges of a fast-paced multimedia world. Now more than ever we are Hispanic Strong!

The new and improved Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education will provide a vastly improved experience for our readers online and in our print magazine. It now has a responsive design across all devices, better navigation and search, immersive and fun new features, and much more. Editorially, we now have an array of new tools at our disposal to create great content for the digital world.

And we didn’t stop there. With an unimpeachable reputation for excellence, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education is a magazine that readers and advertisers alike trust. The loyalty of our solid readership base of 75,000 is a receptive unique target audience and an important value-added for advertisers that want to align themselves and their marketing message to a trusted and targeted publication that exclusively brings the unique niche Hispanic professional demographic that no other education publication can deliver.

Our new and improved website and magazine deserved nothing less than a highly advanced user friendly job board. Our new and improved listings service makes it possible to give your ads multimedia exposure. As soon as you decide to post your job board ads and they are logged in, our marketing team can develop a special package to make sure your message appears in our online and print publication as well as our targeted social media sites and forums as well as in the job listings of organizations and companies with which we’ve formed strategic partnerships as well as job board aggregators like Indeed.

The redesign of Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education includes a commitment to timeliness and freshness of content. A dramatically shortened lead-time to publication allows for the inclusion of late-breaking news stories that were previously impractical to include in our monthly magazine. Our new and regular features and columns give readers an exclusive and renewed understanding of the important issues influencing higher education. These columns and features include:

  • School rankings based on colleges and universities with the most Hispanic students and degree-earners in various disciplines.
  • Scholar’s Corner features the reflections and insights of Hispanic students, graduates and professionals.
  • Profiles of prominent Hispanic higher education professionals.
  • The examination of cutting-edge programs operating in colleges and universities.
  • Political and social commentary specialty columns aimed toward the Hispanic student or professional.
  • *BEYOND TUITION – Money matters as it relates to the college experience.
  • *TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM – The latest hi-tech developments in the classroom
  • *HIGHER FED AND WELLNESS – Health and nutrition education.
  • *are available for sponsorship

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