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The vision of Texas Southmost College (TSC) is to be a premier community college dedicated to student success.  To that end, TSC is strongly committed to providing an affordable and accessible postsecondary education in a community college setting; to offering a quality education with an emphasis on teaching through outreach programs which include workforce training, continuing education, and community service, while promoting cultural values; and an open enrollment philosophy which eliminates conventional barriers to student access of higher education.

The official mission statement of Texas Southmost College is as follows:

Transforming our Communities through Innovative Learning Opportunities

Role and Scope
Texas Southmost College's mission is guided by our commitment to provide:

  • University transfer, career, and technical programs leading to an associate degree or certificate along with courses specializing in college preparatory and developmental education, workforce training, adult literacy, and continuing education to support the evolving needs of citizens, industry, and economic development initiatives within Cameron and Willacy Counties.
  • High-quality instruction and learning opportunities in the classroom, online, and through other delivery methods; a supportive and innovative faculty and staff; appropriate technology, equipment, and learning resources; and advising and assessment services to promote transfer to a four-year baccalaureate institution, entry or advancement in the workforce, or lifelong learning.
  • A learning-centered, service-oriented environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion; facilitates growth and development; fosters social responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and innovation; and empowers and engages students, faculty and staff to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Institutional effectiveness that embraces individual accountability, data-informed decision making, change, and an unending pursuit of excellence.

To meet the mission of the College, Texas Southmost College offers both Certificate and Associate degree plans, which are housed under the divisions of Humanities; Health Care, Career and Technical Education; and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Texas Southmost College also provides a unique support network for student success through the division of College Preparatory Studies. The educational structure of Texas Southmost College prepares students to both contribute and compete in an ever changing environment of local, state, national, and global economies.  

TSC places excellence in educational learning and teaching at the core of its values.  To foster excellence, TSC is committed to developing in students an array of life skills, which include critical thinking; the ability to communicate effectively; the promotion of empirical and quantitative skills; and the importance of personal responsibility, as well as social responsibilities. TSC is further committed to preparing students to be lifelong learners for the enhancement of our communities.

The mission statement and strategic plan is published on the TSC Web Page.   

Additionally, the community summits and focused group sessions also provided invaluable assistance toward the College's logo and branding campaign.  TSC's new logo incorporates three key values that emerged from the community summits and focus group sessions:  TRADITION, INNOVATION AND OPPORTUNITY.