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Gettysburg is committed to diversity in the fullest sense of that term-promoting a wide range of ideas and working to foster mutual respect among people of every race, ethnicity, economic class, religious preference, gender, gender expression, physical ability, sexual orientation, and age. 

Understanding difference goes to the heart of a liberal arts education. It is our responsibility to prepare our students to be engaged citizens and effective professionals in a multicultural world. In their personal and professional lives our graduates will need to be able to interact well with a wide variety of people who come from a wide array of backgrounds, people of varying socioeconomic status, race, physical ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs. A number of college programs are designed towards that end. For example, study abroad, service-learning, eRace, and our curricular goal of informed citizenship all provide opportunities for our students to gain an appreciation and understanding of different cultural perspectives. However, there can be no substitute for the learning that occurs when, during the course of their college careers, all students have the opportunity for everyday interaction with others who bring a diversity of perspectives. That kind of everyday learning requires Gettysburg College to become a more diverse community.

In addition to providing a stronger educational experience for our students, a more diverse community is essential for Gettysburg College to maintain a healthy student enrollment. A more diverse community will enrich the liveliness of our debates and conversations in our classrooms, our residence halls, and our dining hall. Though diversity does not ensure intellectual vibrancy, it certainly has the potential to challenge the College community in both intellectual and personal ways, to push us out of our comfort zones and to encourage us to think about the world in different ways.

Diversity Resources: 

The following are among the many resources and programs that support a diverse campus at Gettysburg:

Black Student Union: The purpose of the organization is to provide the college community with the rich ethnic heritage of African, African-American and Caribbean culture; to expose the campus to the many contributions of the black men and women throughout history.

Diaspora House: A Theme House that promotes awareness of people of African descent

Hillel: Supports and enriches Jewish life on campus, through Shabbat dinners, celebrations of Jewish holidays, and other activities

International Club: Promotes the exchange of perspectives between international and American members of the College community

Intercultural Resource Center: ­Sponsors educational and cultural outreach programs and celebrations, and serves as the campus "home" for intercultural matters

Muslim Student Association: ­ Fosters unity among Muslims on campus and raises awareness of the principles of Islam

Office of Intercultural Advancement: ­ Academic and personal counseling tutoring, mentoring, and other services

Office of International Student Advising: ­ Providing programs and service to Gettysburg's international students

Allies: ­ Raises campus awareness of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity

Women's Center:­ Promotes understanding of women's issues and works to create a safe, supportive climate for women

The College’s Diversity Commission: The Commission is charged with making recommendations to the President and advancing initiatives focused specifically on

  1. - the recruitment and retention of a more diverse faculty and staff
  2. - the further development of a climate that welcomes, supports, and truly delights in diversity, and that also confronts on a regular basis the related social justice issues.

Located on a beautiful 220 acre campus in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Gettysburg College is a nationally recognized liberal arts college that attracts a highly selective and diverse body of students from across the country and abroad. Gettysburg College offers employment opportunities in teaching, professional service, and many other areas. Please visit our website for a listing of our available vacancies.