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We are living at a time of transformative change, an era of profound disruption and extraordinary opportunity. Communication and its related disciplines are at the center of these seismic shifts. At USC Annenberg, we use journalism, communication, public diplomacy and public relations to deepen our understanding of these changes, to reinvent how we engage with our community and to advance the future of our fields. With this enduring purpose at the heart of USC Annenberg, there is no place better equipped to prepare the most promising minds to inquire, innovate and lead at the global crossroads of media, technology and culture. Our academic rigor positions USC Annenberg as an international leader in scholarship and education. The school’s faculty and staff members are deeply committed to students’ intellectual growth and professional trajectories. And USC Annenberg’s network allows us to create opportunities for students to engage in original and exciting work across all of our degree programs. We also have the state-of-the-art facilities to propel our ambitions and ideas forward. Our home in the dynamic, complex, culturally diverse city of Los Angeles provides a fertile ground for our research and the perfect epicenter for critical conversations among scholars, industry leaders, cultural icons and the general public. We invite you to join our vibrant intellectual community as we listen to give voice to all and show courage to ensure impact. Together, we will explore and restore our shared humanity.