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Founded in 1930, Grays Harbor College serves both Grays Harbor and Pacific counties, located in the southwestern corner of Washington State. The main campus of 120 wooded acres is located overlooking the City of Aberdeen and the Port of Grays Harbor. The College's current enrollment is 1,800 state-funded FTE, with the student body averaging 25 years of age. Faculty numbers approximately 59 full-time, plus 75 part-time instructors. The College also has two off-campus educational centers in Raymond and Ilwaco, to better serve the more rural areas of the service district. In addition, the College provides the educational component at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. For the 2015-16 fiscal year, GHC's operating budget totals $14.7 million.

In keeping with the true mission of two-year community colleges, Grays Harbor College meets a variety of diverse educational needs. The College offers a comprehensive and rigorous academic program for students planning to transfer on to four-year universities once they complete their associate degree requirements. Workforce Education is another pathway students choose, pursuing many occupational training courses of varying lengths, giving them solid job skills which lead to good wage jobs. Many others seek assistance from the College'sTransitions programs when they need to complete high school diplomas, learn English as a second language, or brush up on basic skills prior to testing to enroll in college-credit classes. Additionally, the College provides self-enrichment opportunities through various Community Education offerings.