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The Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing is the first completely new school in the United States devoted exclusively to Informatics and a range of its subdisciplines. With its formative national role in creating the nation’s largest Informatics Program on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses, the School is the broadest and one of the largest information/computing schools in the U.S. At IUPUI, the School offers a Ph.D. program with three specializations (Human–Computer Interaction, Bioinformatics, and Health and Biomedical Informatics), five Master’s programs (Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, Human–Computer Interaction, Media Arts & Science and Library and Information Science), three Baccalaureate programs (Media Arts & Science, Informatics, and Health Information Management), and several undergraduate and graduate certificate programs. The School also has strong ties with the health and life sciences in the areas of health data exchange, clinical decision support, consumer health informatics, integrated health information systems, and interactive health information technologies. The School provides state-of-the-art facilities including fully equipped classrooms, media and gaming labs, human–computer interaction research labs, usability and mobile development labs, ample research facilities, and studios for sound design and interactive media production. Access to advanced, high-resolution wall-sized displays and virtual environments are also available within the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex.