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CGU’s Induction/Clear Credential Program is a great alternative to district-run induction programs, appropriate for teachers in private schools, charter schools, and school districts with or without induction programs. If you are interested in becoming a teacher in California, you must first earn a Preliminary Credential and are then given five years to earn a Clear Credential from an approved induction program. In our highly individualized program, you’ll undertake important clinical coursework within the field. A CGU Induction Support Provider is assigned to you as a guide, observing lessons and offering personalized mentorship. Informed by the knowledge that students can and will learn when under the guidance of effective teachers, you will master strategies and techniques that foster academic success. Our Geo-Far option allows participating teachers outside Southern California to complete the program through online courses and virtual support. Thanks to the program’s reputation for quality, you will be highly recruited and fast-tracked into leadership. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Two-year, 24-unit program requires no CL-855 letter (24 professional credit units). Clinical coursework happens in the field, where participating teachers are coached in professional reflection and growth. A CGU Induction Support Provider is assigned to guide participating teachers, observe lessons, and provide personalized mentorship. CGU’S Teacher Education Program has built strong relationships with more than 150 school districts that recognize that CGU has a reputation for producing high-quality teachers, opening up opportunities for career advancement for all participating teachers. One-year Early Completer Option is available to those that qualify. EDUCATION, NEAR AND FAR Two modes of delivery are offered to complete our program: Geo-Near (for those geographically within a 40-mile radius of CGU) and Geo-Far (for those outside the 40-mile radius). The Geo-Far option allows participating teachers to complete the program through online courses for the academic portion and virtual support for the clinical portion. CGU’s participating teachers have earned their credentials while working around the world, including in Indonesia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil.