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Emerson College, a non-profit educational institution, draws independent minds from diverse backgrounds around the world through its highly regarded academic programs in communication, the arts, and the liberal arts. Energized by engagement with the creative life of Boston, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands, our students are creative thinkers and doers who develop their own personal voice and expertise in professions that profoundly shape society and culture in the 21st century. Our alumni populate theaters, newsrooms, movie sets, comedy clubs, and digital media platforms worldwide. They’ve emerged as leaders in publishing, advertising, entertainment, public relations, academia, and other engines of culture and enlightenment, as well as in industries of disruption and innovation. Wherever people collaborate to generate ideas and to inspire action, you will find Emersonians. Whether the result is a “bravo” or a “let’s print this” or a “that’s a wrap,” the work of Emerson-schooled professionals gets out there to make hearts beat fast and minds think deeply.