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The Department of Anthropology of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Socio-Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Latin America, beginning fall semester, 2018.

Preferred candidates should have broad graduate training in anthropology that allows them to be conversant with the various schools, debates, and paradigms around which the discipline has been organized. The candidate should be able to teach undergraduate and graduate foundational courses in socio-cultural anthropology, such as introduction to cultural anthropology, ethnographic methods, and the (theoretical) history of anthropology. The preferred candidate should have an active ethnographic field site in Latin America or a Latino community in the US. Topical areas are open but preference will be given to those that focus on borderland and migration issues, and those that best synergize with departmental research emphases.

The Department of Anthropology at UNLV offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees, and has research emphases in: childhood and parenting; sexuality, romance, gender, and identity; adaptive strategies; and food and nutrition (