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California State University Long Beach is more than the beach. It’s more than a blue pyramid and nationally recognized art museum. The 322-acre campus is home to top-notch professors, successful alumni and diverse student population ready to take on the world with a highly regarded education. CSULB is known for creating educational opportunities, encouraging creativity and preparing the next generation of leaders for a rapidly changing world. On September 28, 1949, Los Angeles-Orange County State College began its first day of classes. One hundred and sixty students were enrolled for the first semester with thirteen full-time faculty. Classes convened in a converted apartment building at 5401 E. Anaheim where the foundation of our pride and traditions all began. The arrangement was only temporary until the college found a more permanent home. This day marked the beginning of a growing academic institution into what is now California State University, Long Beach. Join us as we take a historical look through our golden decade year by year as we watch how our campus has grown brick by brick, from old traditions to new traditions, and the people that have become part of our university family.